Herbs for vaginal steaming in this blend relieve from symptoms of endometriosis. They have an anti-inflammatory effect, ease cramps, have a positive effect on inflammations and liver problems. They stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the body. They help to decrease estrogen excess and by contrast, they increase the progesterone levels. They regenerate mucous membranes and shorten menstrual bleeding.


Three pack sizes: 1 (28g), 6 (168g) and 12 doses (336g).

The most cost-effective is 24-pack, which you can choose here.


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Endometriosis Relief

VAT Included
  • Common Yarrow leaves, Common Sage leaves, Oregano leaves, Milk Thistle, Pot Marigold flower, Chaste Tree fruit, Common Nettle leaves, Field Horsetail leaves, German Camomile flower, Cabbage rose flower

  • For external use only.