Herbs for vaginal steaming in this blend can be used as a preventive cleansing of the body against bacteria which cause vaginal discharge, inflammation or yeast infection. They have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic effects. In traditional herbalism, their effects on myoms, cervical cancer and uterine prolapse are mentioned. They regulate the menstrual cycle and ease abdominal cramps.


Three pack sizes: 1 (28g), 6 (168g) and 12 doses (336g).

The most cost-effective is 24-pack, which you can choose here.


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Relief for Gynecological Problems

VAT Included
  • Oregano leaves, Rosemary leave, German Camomile flower, Common Yarrow leaves, English Lavender flower, Common Wormwood leaves, Pot Marigold flower, Lady's mantle leaves, White Nettle leaves, Red Clover fower, Shepherd's Purse leaves

  • If you underwent a gynecological surgery recently, you can begin to steam only when bleeding is finished. Steaming can not be done in acute phase of inflammation of the urinary bladder, yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. In those cases use herbs only as a sitz baths.


    For external use only.