We designed the soft padding Softness Gazelle as a complement to the stool Gazelle to make the sitting over the herbal steam more pleasant for women with a more demanding idea of comfort. The soft padding is not just a soft booster seat, but it has two more functions. The long cloth of the soft padding reaches up to the floor and covers not only the legs of the stool Gazelle, but also the pot with a herbal decoction. This prevents the steam from escaping to the room and creates a sense of safety. It is also a suitable choice for women who do not want to wrap in a blanket.


The soft padding is made of cold foam and Czech fairtrade cotton linen. It is designed to increase the utility value of the stool Gazelle. The soft padding copies perfectly the dimension of the stool Gazelle and it can be easily put on it.


The soft padding is very light, easy to store and it can be inserted into the original bag for the stool Gazelle To Go. So you will always have the whole Steamy Set at hand put in one place or you can take it with you anywhere.


It is not necessary to wash the soft padding after each use, just let it dry out overnight.


Available in different colors.

Soft Padding Softness Gazelle

SKU: 048
VAT Included
  • Dismantled dimension: 400 x 300 x 430 mm

    Folded dimension: 400 x 300 x 35 mm

    Material: Cold HR foam, cotton

    Washing: By hand 40°C

  • Intended for home use only.

    Steamy equipment in the pictures is not in package included.