Ready to Steam Package including 12 doses of herbal blend!


The Steamy Set includes a Steamy seat, a pot with a lid and 12 doses of herbal blend of your choice.



  • Long-life materials of high quality. Proven combination of glas on steel (enamel) and laminated beech wood (seat).
  • Tuned ergonomics ensuring the optimal opening of female genitalias for maximum effect of the herbal steaming.
  • Constant temperature thanks to high heat accumulation of the pot. Also suitable for long steamings without need for underheating.
  • Everything for herbal steaming in one package
  • Easy maintenance
  • Hygienic sustainability
  • Solid packet for safe storage and frequent carrying



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Steamy Set

SKU: 0037
VAT Included
  • The steamy seat Steamy is large enough to satisfy every woman's comfort. It is made of laminated beech wood. Each seat is naturally adorned and accented with the annual rings which gives each seat a unique beauty. Its surface is treated with non-toxic varnish and thanks to its smooth surface does not require complicated maintenance.



    Dimension: 400 x 300 x 15 mm

    Material: Laminated beech wood / solid wood

    Surface finish: Non-toxic varnish (compliant EN71)

    Weight: 1kg