This hand-sewn bag is a useful package, in which you can easily insert the stool Gazelle together with the soft padding. The bag has sewn four pockets inside which exactly fit the dismounted legs. The rest of the bag is intended for the seat and the soft padding (e.g. Softness Gazelle Pro). After closing the bag, dirt can not get inside to the stool and the soft padding, and they can be safely transported as well, without damaging them.


The bag is sewn from 100% cotton and it is so designed, that there is still space left for a bag with herbs or disinfectant wipes. Thanks to its long firmly sewn strap, it can be slung over the shoulder and carried easily.


We recommend the bag for professionals from the ranks of midwives, doulas or mobile masseuses, who need to have the stool Gazelle with the soft padding still at hand.


Note: The photos of the soft padding and the folding stool