Herbal blend for vaginal steaming according to the formula from midwife Anna Kohutova to relax the birth canals in the first stage, to harmonize overall and to stimulate contractions. Warmth in combination with herbal vapors has a relaxing effect, damps the pain perception in the perineal area and prevents the risk of perineal lesion.


Four pack sizes:

  • Bag 1 (28g) + 1 afirmation
  • Bag 6 (168g) + 2 afirmations
  • Bag 12 (336g) without afirmations (self-closing pack)
  • Bag 24 (672g) without afirmations (self-closing pack)



A blend in a spa package that allows its use anywhere. You can simply pack-up the herbs with you to the maternity hospital, where you can pour over them in a pot hot water from jug kettle or cook them (depends on hospital possibilities). The herbs will scent the birthing room beautifully and the warm decoction will help you to relax and concentrate on the birth of your baby.



In packages with 1 and 6 pieces you will find one of five original birth afirmations from Anna Kohutová.



Rosemary was my very first herb which I started using for the first time directly during childbirth and it was handed over to me by my great teacher, midwife and herbalist Marisa Alcalá. This herb relaxes smooth muscle, calms down, eases pain, warms-up, is desinfectant and awakens a strong woman in us.


Raspberry is the best known herb recommended before childbirth, after 36 weeks of pregnancy. Raspberry stimulates smooth muscle of the uterus, softens the birth canals, reduces the risk of bleeding. It relieves birth pains and improves postpartum recovery, relieves postpartum contractions, cleans the uterus and stimulates lactation.


Wild thyme - relieves spasmodic uterine contractions, warms-up, relieves pains, is strengthening, desinfectant, antibacterial and stimulates lactation.


Shepherd's purse - is a harmonizing herb, is one of the best known herbs that can stop the bleeding. No midwife could do without it in the past. It strengthens the uterus, stimulates uterine contractions and improves the postpartum restore of the uterus to its original state.


Verbena - Common verbena - Midwife I. Stadelmann recommends to use this herb before childbirth to induce the labor. Verbena supports smooth muscles and stimulates uterine contractions. Verbena relieves tension and improves concentration on the birth.


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Scented Childbirth

VAT Included
  • European Raspberry leaves, Wild Thyme leaves, Shepherd's Purse leaves, Rosemary leaves, Common verbena

  • We recommend steaming after 38 weeks of pregnancy.

    For external use only.