Foldable Stool for Vaginal Steaming including a Distinctive Bag.
Gazelle to go is supplied in an original package, which is designed to protect the stool from chafing and external influences during transport. After use, the chair is simply disassembled, cleaned and put into a practical package, in which it remains clean and ready.


Why Gazelle

The new elegant steamy stool Steamy Gazelle is as noble as the animal of the same name, running around hot plains. It stands on four long lacquered legs, thanks to can be used over a pot of any size. Its height and constitution also allows to be placed a single-plate cooker underneath the pot with herbs, in case the herb decoction needs to be reheated and the steam extended. The surface of the stool is treated with non-toxic varnish, which protects the stool against moisture, allows its hygienic treatment and prevents the formation of salt traces, which arise from repeated contact of the skin with natural material.
This makes the stool suitable for professional use.




  • You desire to indulge in herbal steam therapy and you are looking for a practical space- and maintenance-friendly aid
  • You need to carry the steamy tool anywhere with you (Gazelle even fits into boarding luggage on an airplane)
  • You will want to lend the stool to other women
  • You need professional equipment to provide female herbal steaming
  • You require hygienic sustainability

The steamy chair Steamy Gazelle is based on the philosophy of savings, efficiency, user friendliness, beautiful design, distinctive workmanship, maximal compactness, ease of cleaning, long lifetime and ethical approach. The design of the Gezelle chair is protected by the EUIPO industrial design.


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Stool Gazelle TO GO

SKU: 0358
VAT Included
  • Dismantled dimension: 400 x 300 x 370 mm

    Folded dimension: 400 x 300 x 25 mm + 4 legs

    Material: Laminated beech wood / solid wood

    Surface finish: Non-toxic varnish (compliant EN71)

    Load capacity: 120kg under static load. For sitting only.

    Weight: 1,8kg