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In 2016, in connection with expanding my knowledge in the field of midwifery, I run into vaginal steaming technique at Mexican midwives. Back then it was in connection with postpartum healing of a woman. The more information I was trying to find, the more often I came across positive effects of steaming in normal life of a woman, not only a woman after a birth. So I decided to try it out in my everyday life.

Already the first steaming excited me, in fact, just as all other women I have initiated into this type of self-care, and who have included the steaming in their regular hygiene. Not only because it is amazingly relaxing and functional, but also because it is simple, gently warming, completely natural and quite cheap for today’s conditions. All you need is to have a pot, a seat and herbs. 

After a year of testing its effects on myself, I decided to share this little miracle with Czech women, because I was sorry that almost nothing was known about it. The thing is that until then I did not run into a single article or mention about the steaming in Czech language. So I actually became its pioneer in the Czech Republic. 

When I published my article, which you can read here, women started to contact me with questions about herbs and requests for making a steaming stool. That is why my husband came up with a simple construction of a steamy box and we shared it on our website, with a detailed description of how to make it.

However, not all women have such a skillful man in their surroundings that could make them a box like that, so the women continued contacting us with another request to make the steaming aid for them. So we were testing until we chose the simplest, most compact and, paradoxically, the most effective seat that can be placed directly on a large pot. 

This is the Steamy seat we offer to you on our website. And it was designed by my husband Martin to satisfy our demanding quality requirements, to be made from natural material, solid and health-friendly. And by this step, not completely thought-out, we started to build our family company, into which we put with love the best of our ideas in connection with raising awareness of the female herbal steaming in the Czech Republic. 

As we have found out that not every pot is ideal for steaming – some of them have sharp edges and may scratch the seat unnecessarily or they are too small or too large – we found one that meets our ideas of size, design, and at the same time it is a Czech product. To protect the Steamy seat surface, Martin came up with an edge that also allows a seat to adhere tightly to the pot surface and make a woman feel safe during the steaming. This is how our Steamy Set was created.

The blending of herbal blends Steamy was my purely feminine task. I was really looking forward to it because I like to immerse in the world of herbs and I cannot get enough of their scent. My intention was to combine my experience with herbs I was using up to that time, with herbs whose effects are perfect for the steaming but they do not grow everywhere and therefore the woman is not able to get them. Since my herbal blends are not meant to be drunk like tea, I could concentrate on their real effects rather than taste. So I blended a brave “multivitamin” into each kind of blend that is not to find on the market. The blends are filled with a large quantity of herbs, are scented, blended with love, consulted with experienced herbalists and especially meant for vaginal steaming.

Steamy design, website and all promotional materials are created by Martin. He designed the packets for the Steamy seat, Steamy Set and Gazelle to be in compliance with non-waste philosophy, which means, to utilize all the material which is needed for their production, so as not to make useless waste and not to use plastics for box lining, but also to let the packets to be used for further storage of our products in your home. In this respect we have set strict requirements that go hand in hand with the quality of our products. 

Finally, I would like to say with great pleasure in my heart that I continue raising public awareness and speaking everywhere about how wonderful the female vaginal steaming is. That is what I love the most! I can only afford it thanks to my husband’s support and creation of our Steamy products, because without them I would just have only a beautiful thought in my head and empty hands. Without them, I could not to enable women the vaginal steaming and initiate them personally into its effects. I thank Martin very much for supporting me and for being a driving force of our entire project so that I can share my experience and knowledge in the form of face-to-face meetings, steaming within women’s groups and, in the future, in workshops and seminars. You will be informed about them in advance. Or we can arrange them together. 

Love Monika


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