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Flower relaxing blend for a female herbal steamingRead more
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Flower relaxing blend for a female herbal steaming

Sometimes we need to sit down for a while quietly, be alone, calm our thoughts and become conscious of the present in our body. Sometimes we are just anxious to warm our pelvic organs and let ourselves be pampered with the scent of herbs. So we sit down over a warm steam, put on woolen socks and wrap up in a blanket. We feel safe at home. With love for ourselves, with love for each other, with love for our daughter, for our girlfriend, for our mom, we women have been preparing the ritual of a female herbal steaming for thousands of years. We keep this tradition for next generations, because we know that when the warmth settles in a woman, then health and love come soon.

The herbal blend Love is scented and beautiful to look at. Just like us, we are beautiful and scented. It contains flowers growing in the ground, but also in trees. Wild and cultivated herbs, which bloom in various places in a forest, in a meadow and also in a garden, in mountains, but also in lowlands. The herbal blend Love is full of signs and mysticism, it can bring us closer to the source inside of ourselves. It is soft and strong, charmingly scented and at the same time fresh and caring. We can treat of Love regardless of age or season.

Love is a herbal blend from seven flowers that strengthen the heart and uterus, harmonize the menstrual cycle, ease the body tension, clean blood, heal wounds and support the immune system. Love is a magical blend thanks to extraordinary sweet woodruff, rare brown knapweed, energetic cabbage rose, protective lime tree, aphrodisiac jasmine, immune boosting echinacea, inconspicuous common daisy.

Sweet Woodruff, Brown Knapweed flower, Cabbage Rose flower, Lime tree flower, Jasmine flower, Echinacea flower, Common Daisy flower

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