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Cover padding with bonded seams for Steamy® steaming chairs with antiviral and antibacterial propertiesRead more
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Description Soft Padding Softness MAIA

The Steamy® Softness Maia cover increases the safety and utility value of Steamy® steaming chairs. The long shirt of the padding reaches to the floor, covering the chair structure and the pot underneath, creating protection between the hot pot and the legs of the woman sitting on it. This version offers a completely new material that allows for comfort, ease of use and cleaning in environments with high workloads and high safety requirements, such as maternity hospitals, IVF centers or other facilities that offer the steamer as part of a woman's professional care therapy. We believe that this precision accessory will make your time with the steam room more enjoyable and help you and your clients relax and unwind.


The Steamy® Softness Maia cover is made of Stamskin Zen leatherette by Serge Ferrari, which guarantees the highest quality. This high-end material has an Agivir™ antiviral surface with silver particles ensuring maximum comfort, safety and, thanks to the smooth grain on the surface, very easy cleaning. The supporting structure is a polyamide jersey without nanoparticles, which makes the material very resistant to abrasion or tearing. The padding is very precise and double-sided lined, so that it has identical properties on the outside and inside. All seams, including the inner folds, are bonded, which prevents the penetration of dirt in depth, significantly extending the service life and simplifying maintenance. Of course, it has been tested for cytotoxicity (non-irritation to the skin) according to ISO 10993-5 and -10; OECD TG439.

Agivir™ antiviral surface with silver particles has been tested by VirHealth, an independent laboratory, against ISO 21702 for coronavirus 229 E, a representative of human coronaviruses. During testing, it was verified that 95% of the virus was reduced in just 15 minutes and within 60 minutes of contact, the infectious virus was reduced to 0.5%. For bacteria, a 24-hour test protocol (ISO 22196 = JIS Z 2801) was tested with a result of 99.9% bacterial destruction.


Softness Maia padding is compatible with all Steamy® steaming chairs: Maia, Black & White Swan, Black Swan, Gazelle.

Technical information

Unfolded dimensions: 400 x 300 x 430 mm
Folded dimensions: 400 x 300 x 70 mm
Weight: 1.45 kg 


The steaming chairs in the photos are not included.


Cleaning and maintenance / general information

Please note that the surface of the padding must be cleaned and disinfected regularly. The antibacterial property is not a substitute for cleaning or disinfection. Without regular and prescribed cleaning, dirt and possible biofilms hinder the antibacterial properties.

Cleaning Softness Maia padding is generally easy. Use mild soap-based or alcohol-based disinfectant cleaners. In particular, cleaning agents must not contain any abrasive additives as they can cause a change in gloss level and scratching. Cleaning intervals should be adapted to the area of use and the degree of soiling. Depending on the substance and the period of exposure, light and easily removable soiling as well as heavy and more difficult to remove soiling may occur. Therefore, the choice of the right type of cleaning is very important. Depending on the type of contamination, the cleaning instructions below should be followed. Naturally, it is always necessary to start with the most gentle method with the shortest duration of action.

As a general rule, contaminants such as blood, urine, faeces should be removed immediately because the longer the exposure time, the harder they will be to clean. In principle, however, traces of use are not qualitatively damaging to the surface.

Cleaning with a soft cloth is important, and it is recommended to use a dampened cleaning cloth. Too coarse cloths and scouring sponges or melamine sponges with rough sides may, if rubbed or scrubbed too hard, produce shiny marks or stains on the surface which represent damage and may not be removable. In the case of particularly deep surface textures, cleaning can be accomplished without difficulty if the guidelines given are followed.


Další důležité poznámky: 

  • During the period of use, the surface of the Softness Maia padding must be cleaned regularly.
  • The use of cleaning agents is generally not necessary.
  • Do not use abrasive or abrasive products (e.g. abrasive powder, wire cloths) for cleaning.
  • Do not use polishes, waxes, furniture cleaners, plastic cleaners or bleach.
  • Do not use cleaning agents that contain strong acids or strongly acidic salts. For example, formic acid and aminosulphate-based descalers, drain cleaners, muriatic acids, silver cleaners or oven cleaners.
  • Follow safety instructions and ventilate when cleaning with solvents. Do not use open flames.
  • Cleaning with a steam cleaner is not recommended.
  • Do not machine wash!
  • Caution. Solvents should only be used in highly diluted form when cleaning edges and seams.
  • Smudges are usually caused by cleaning with organic solvents, the use of cold water and reused cloths or window wipes. To ensure that all cleaning is done without stains and smudges, it is recommended to dry the surface with a microfiber cloth after rinsing with warm water.
  • Remove any residual dirt as soon as possible, within 48 hours at the latest, as the surface may be damaged if the dirt remains on the surface for too long.
  • After each use or cleaning, remove the padding from the chair and allow to dry well in a well-ventilated room before reuse.
  • To preserve material properties and colour fastness, do not expose to direct sunlight for long periods of time.
  • For detailed cleaning and maintenance procedures according to the type of soiling, please refer to the Instructions for Use



If necessary, you can disinfect the entire surface of the padding with a suitable alcohol-based product for medical equipment. When cleaning is complete, check the condition of the chair and carry out any further cleaning or maintenance. It is important to follow local regulations and the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and disinfecting equipment to ensure that the healthcare environment remains clean and hygienic.


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