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The birth pack contains three types of herbal blends and aids for antenatal, birth and postnatal herbal infusion.Read more
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Description Birth pack

The birth pack is a helping product for all women who take inspiration to take care of their body and at the same time they can find everything they need in one place without having to read recommended quantity of herbs and accessories.

The birth pack contains 12 doses of herbal blend Childbirth Preparation which can be used for birth preparation from 38 week of pregnancy. Given that one dose of herbs can be cooked twice (on condition that no more than 24 hours have passed since the last steaming and the herbs have been stored in a fridge), there will be enough herbs till the birth. To make the handling with herbs even easier, this product contains a small linen bag and the herbs can be cooked inside of it and kept for the next day. At the same time it can be used as a herbal compress. In case there are some herbs from the pack Childbirth Preparation left, they can be used in the course of the birth or within the puerperium.

It is my great wish that all women will be able to follow up on their pregnancy and birth with a quiet puerperal period. I wish that women would not stop taking care of themselves when they gave birth to their children, because by falling in love with their babies they often forget about themselves. I wish every woman that her puerperium is full of joy, health and loving care not only of the baby, but of herself too. With this discounted pack I am trying to point out the importance of the long-term female herbal steaming and that its benefits go beyond pregnancy. After the birth, the steaming is of benefit to body and soul of the woman - mother. If the woman does not forget about herself in this period of time, her body will be encouraged to return to the previous condition.

The steaming as a natural gentle procedure helps to regenerate the body after the birth and in the puerperium, stimulates its normal functions, drains superfluous water, heals lesions and has a lot of other benefits which are described in the article about steaming in puerperium.

Two packs of herbal blend Scented Childbirth, which was created by midwife Anna Kohutova, can be poured twice and then, after being placed in the flannel which is a part of the birth pack, it can be used as a compress to protect the perineum or as a decoction in the course of the birth, which can be warmed up by doula or midwife by pouring hot water.

The last part of the care of the birth canals, the uterus and other organs which had to adapt during the pregnancy, are 12 doses of herbs Postpartum Recovery to accompany the woman in puerperal period with their scent and effects. It will allow the woman - mother to relax and encourage the healing of her body. Also for these herbs, each dose can be used twice, but observe the rules as above mentioned. I only remind that after using up the herbal blend Postpartum Recovery can be used herbal blend Childbirth Preparation as well which served as the basis of this herbal blend.

As a bonus, we are enclosing to this package all the afirmations from Anička Kohutova. Thanks to them your birth can be accompanied by her powerful and nevertheless gentle energy.

The package contains

Scented Childbirth: 2 doses of herbal blend in spa packages, 5x birth afirmations from Anna Kohutová
Childbirth Preparation: 12 doses of herbal blend
Postpartum Recovery: 12 doses of herbal blend
Flannel Steamy: 1x
Small Linnen bag: 1x

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