The soft padding Softness Gazelle Pro is designed to increase the utility value of the stool Gazelle in its professional use. The long cloth of the soft padding reaches up to the floor and covers not only the legs of the stool Gazelle, but also the pot that is under it, thus creating the protection between the hot pot and the legs of the woman sitting on it. The cloth was sewn to be cleaned easily on the inside and outside. The entire soft padding is made from leatherette certified for medical use, which is washable and can be disinfected. For even greater comfort and a sense of safety of your clients and women giving birth. The soft padding copies dimension of the stool Gazelle, for which it is intended, therefore it can be easily put on it, stripped of it and washed and dried after use.


Due to the double layer of leatherette, the soft padding can not be inserted into the original bag with the stool Gazelle. However, we will start offering a new type of the bag for the stool Gazelle soon, thanks to which you will be able to put the whole set together and take it with you everywhere.

Soft Padding Softness Gazelle Pro

SKU: 050
VAT Included
  • Dismantled dimension: 400 x 300 x 430 mm

    Folded dimension: 400 x 300 x 50 mm

    Material: Cold HR foam, leatherette

    Cleaning: Wipe with a cotton small cloth and soapwater. May be disinfected. Do not wash in the washing machine!

  • Steamy equipment in the pictures is not in package included.